Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Why I'm endorsing Martie Warin for Green Party Leader

I, Alan Borgars, candidate for Green Party Deputy Leader, believe Martie Warin should be our next Green Party Leader. And here is why:

Martie has worked hard to get the green flag flying across North East England (and County Durham in particular), which is sadly the only region of England where there are no Green Party councillors on any principal authorities (unitary authorities and metropolitan boroughs, since there are no longer any county councils in the North East nor any district or borough councils). He has served well as a parish councillor in Easington, and therefore has already shown to have useful experience of elected office which all Green Party leaders should have or should get.

Martie also has good experience of trade union activism, and environmental activism (which I also have, having helped fight a successful campaign to stop an incinerator being built in Hatfield where I lived during my undergraduate years), which are both particularly important in the current British scene and will be in the long-term. He is also the youngest candidate standing for Green Party leader and has a wide plethora of experience, and therefore I believe he can help the Green Party bring the voice of ordinary young people in Britain into the consciousness of voters.

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